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Updated: May 8, 2021

Why India badly needs this approach?

It rings an alarming bell while we see the rapid spread of Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) in the villages of India. It is not always the negligence of the respected residents of the villages. However, in most cases, they ignore availing medical advice or diagnostics simply because they hardly could afford the cost of consultation, tests, medicines, treatments, and hospitalisations. Oftenly they prefer to treat their illness with home-based remedies. But Covid-19 cannot be treated just by following the home-based remedies. Thus, such Covid infected persons become carriers and unknowingly spread the infection to others in his/her village as the days pass by. This creates a chain which is almost impossible to trace and break. By the time they get to the hospital, many lives would already get infected resulting into a high rate of mortality in some cases.

By offering everything totally free to our fellow citizens of the villages, this effort of Ganpat University is not only making quality medical services accessible but also encourages them to avail the treatment in time. If a person is diagnosed and treated in the first few days, it will not only increase chances of his/her survival but also will significantly reduce the risk of spreading Covid to others. This way, we shall be able to break the chain and can curb the rapid spread of this deadly virus.

(100 Beds Covid Care Centre established by Ganpat University)
(100 Beds Covid Care Centre established by Ganpat University)

Who shall be benefitted

Residents of the nearby 40 villages within the radius of 40 Kms of Ganpat University

(Area from where Patients shall be able to avail benefit of this Covid Care Centre)
(Area from where Patients shall be able to avail benefit of this Covid Care Centre)

All of these are offered 'Totally Free' to all the patients.

Yes, Totally Free.

  • OPD by Experienced Doctors

  • Lab Diagnostics and Testing (Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR, Blood Tests etc.)

  • Drugs (Medicines) & Medical Consumables

  • Admission and Nutritious Food for Admitted (IPD) Patients

  • Emergency Vehicle Facility

  • Medical Oxygen facility for all patients

  • Video-Counselling by Experienced Doctors

  • Tie-up with other hospital for ICU and other services

Our Per Day Cost is Rs. 1,75,000 (approx. US$ 2500)

What is the Capacity of this Covid Care Centre?

Per Month Patients for OPD : 900 to 1200

Per Month Patients for IPD : Minimum 200

How much can I donate and what will it support? Although You Can Donate Any Amount, the information below indicates what a specific amount of donation will support at the Ganpat University Covid Care Centre.

Do I get Income Tax benefit of this donation?

Yes, all donations are eligible for 50% deduction in Income Tax u/s 80G in India.

Can I donate online?

Yes, you can. Please click on following link to donate online.

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